Heal Our Planet Earth

"The markets have put an end to the oilsands boom" - Vancouver Sun

How undignified.

Their "Environment" ministry couldn't, wouldn't, do it. Their self-professed "love" for their own children neither. They would not voluntarily walk away, so they have to be forced to their knees to crawl away - for now.

Christ or the Buddha would look at them with deep compassion and forgive them instantaneously and unconditionally. As for me, though I believe I'm a man of compassion, I'm only human, and cannot, will not, repress an unseemly contempt and an unbecoming glee at their pain.

I certainly cannot forgive them, because they will forever remain unrepentant of their crime against nature and humanity. It is in their nature (or is it ours?). At the slightest economic upturn, they will get back up on their feet and do it all over again, and with a vengeance.

"They" are of course the governments and the corporations, but also the unconscionable investors in an environmentally destructive industry, and the ignorant and/or apathetic voters who keep voting the same nature-rapers back in.

The current economic downturn is the consequence of our growing beyond our limits and living beyond our means. Either we tighten our belts voluntarily and individually, and advance together gracefully to the next stage of human civilization, or we'll damn ourselves for an eternity and take millions of species down with us. .

It all depends on how dignified our species really is.

Anthony Marr, founder and president
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
216-386-7362 / 604-222-1169

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