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The "hit" series on Animal Planet is now at sea filming their second season.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, (SSCS) and the Animal Planet film crew (all Americans) are in need of immediate U.S. Naval support. Live feeds sent out to Animal Planet and a few select internet sites will be their last line of defense.

The scenario:

The Japanese stated that they have allocated 8 million dollars in defense of the Japanese whaling ships. This means they will operate under the cover of self defense if Sea Shepherd makes any aggressive moves toward the whaling ships to stop the whales from being killed for profit, which is illegal under international law.

Since they have made this statement, it is a certainty that they need a force with which they can overpower Sea Shepherd, in order to enforce their claim of self defense, i.e., the Japanese Coast Guard gunboats.

But the question is, what offensive strategy do they have to arrest the Sea Shepherd crew? First they will try to board the Steve Irwin. However, this will fail, as it is part of a larger strategy. They need to fail in order to claim that they did everything to arrest the Captain and crew. Then the real offensive will go into effect, to use their guns to strike the Steve Irwin with the intent to sink the vessel, still operating under a self defense tactic, claiming they have this right because the Sea Shepherd crew are now "criminals" under "Japanese law."

The Japanese know that the Sea Shepherd has Zodiac boats that can hold its crew of 42. The Captain will have no choice but to order everyone to abandon ship. The Zodiac boats will be placed in the water and the crew will be at the mercy of the Japanese Coast Guard gunboat/s. The Japanese will ensure that the Steve Irwin sinks with additional blows if necessary. The live feeds will be what creates an international incident.

The live feeds will surely hit CNN and many other media outlets, and the one central question will be, "why" if the U.S. Goverment and Navy was aware of the situation, did they not act to save Americans.

- Peter Boyd (www.waterhammocks.com), Antioch, CA Dec 10 @ 08:42PM PST

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