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Anthony Marr on pro-hunting radio talkshow Dec 19, Fri, 10:30 a.m. Alabama time

Dear friends in AR:

Yesterday, I received a phone message from radio talkshow host Don Kirk inviting me to go on his Friday morning show. His organization is called Interstate Sportsman, which caters primarily to hunters and anglers.

I asked my friend and volunteer Dominique Landis to call him to ask him if it is going to be a Marr-bashing session. He convinced Dominique that it would not be. I then called him myself to sound him out, and he did sound civil and even chummy. I said to him that such a show would not change anyone's mind, except perhaps those who currently have no opinion, and my general policy is to decline all bashing invitations. I mentioned to him my experience in debating against 100 hunters at a time to illustrate that I'm not afraid of bashing, just see no point in spending half an hour of my time being bashed. He said he has checked out my website and found that I was "not just an anti-hunter", but one who addresses other issues of his own concern, such as global warming and my Bengal tiger work, and he wanted to hear about my views on whaling, commercial and aboriginal.

I dropped one last bit that I had quit abusive interviews before within 3 minutes. "You sound exactly like what I have expected after looking at your website," he said. "And the way I am right now is the way I'll be tomorrow. I will not be abusive, and I will caution my partner in regards to this." "Is he abusive?" "He has been know to be." "Uh huh." All in all sounding very much of a gentleman - unless of course you're a deer or a bear.

So, it's a deal. December 19, Friday, 10:30 a.m. Alabama time (EST), 7:30 a.m. California time (PST), live. Go to


and listen live, or, if you missed it, go to


and click on "Click here to listen to past program."



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