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World glaciers shrinking 18 years in a row at 2X the speed + 3-step GW-dance

I take this opportunity to offer a very simple 3-step counter-argument to anyone faced with a global warming denier.

It is easy for me to do, but painful and frustrating, because, really, after all this time and all the evidence already discovered, including that presented in the following report, we should be well advanced in discussing how to cure the problem by now, not still wallowing in whether the problem even exists and if it does whether it was caused by human action or not. This is what the $50-million propaganda campaign waged by Big Oil managed to accomplish - the dumbing down of half the North American population.

When faced with a GW-denier, you need ask 3 simple questions, which will lead to 3 inevitable answers even an elementary student can understand, even though the denier himself may not:

1. "What is outside temperature." It matters not whether it is 100F in the shade in the height of summer or -30F in the sun in the depth of winter. The fact remains that even -30F is more than 400 F-degrees warmer than the temperature of the space surrounding the planet only a few miles out, or on the night-side of the moon for that matter. The temperature of space is near Absolute Zero. Absolute Zero = -273C = -460F.

2. In the case of -30F, "Why is the outside temperature is as warm as -30F, and not -450F." There can be only one answer to this: GLOBAL WARMING by greenhouse gasses (GHGs). The Earth's atmosphere has always contained GHGs, most notably carbon dioxide (CO2), plus other GHGs like methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) in smaller quantities. It is these GHGs that have warmed up the atmosphere enough to support life. This is irrefutable, and also that the higher the concentration of GHGs in the atmosphere, the higher the atmospheric temperature will be.

3. "Is the GHG concentration in the atmosphere today higher than that before the Industrial Revolution, and if so, by how much and due to what cause?" It is also irrefutable that before 1880 - the demarkation year of the Industrial Revolution - the atmospheric CO2 concentration was ~285 parts per million (ppm), representing a total mass of ~500 gigatons (gt = billion tons), versus today's ~385 ppm, or ~700 gt. And almost all of this increase has been due to human causes.

Therefore, GW is real, and the extra warming since the Industrial Revolution has been due to human causes.


Anthony Marr, founder and president
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
216-386-7362 / 604-222-1169

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