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Mountaintop removal by WV coal industry in pics by A. Marr

It was early August, 2008. I was on my 6th Compassion for Animals Road Expedition (CARE-6). "Almost heaven, West Virginia...", emanated my car stereo when I was cresting the Blue Ridge Mountains and crossing the Shanandoah River. But then I arrived in Charleston, and a local activist took me up to the top of a local mountain to show me that it was gone - the mountaintop, that is. In its place, was a deep crater and enormous piles of debris down the mountainside. It was a mountaintop removal operation by the coal mining industry, which should have no place in this critical time of global climate change in the first place. And the direct devastation to the environment is incalculable. To say nothing of the destruction of nature as art created though millions of years.

From the vantague point I could see dump trucks scurrying about on the crater's rim. Judging by their size I thought it was a big operation but not huge, until I saw a few half-ton pick-ups parked near one of the dump trucks, looking like a bunch of Tinker Toys strewn near a Dodge Ram.

When I finally finished my grim photography and looked up from the devastation, I swept the horizon and the mountaintops all around. My activist friend said to me, stoically, "They are all doomed to the same fate."

To see the mountaintop removal operation in pictures for yourself, go to www.myspace.com/AnthonyMarr  --> click "Pics" (just beneath my cover photo) --> click "Mountaintop removal in WV coal mining".

And, please, do something.

Anthony Marr, founder and president
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
216-386-7362 / 604-222-1169

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