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Re: Rafe to his kids w/reply & response - 1 Mar 2009

Hello everyone:

The following letter is from me to Rafe Mair. Rafe Mair is one of the top radio talkshow hosts in Canadian broadcast history, whom I personally rank THE top talkshow host on environmental matters that Canada has ever produced. He is semi-retired now, but still kicking up one hell of a storm in the subjects of his passion. Just google him and you will get more than an eye-full.

Rafe has honored me with many interviews on his top-calibre ex-show on the premier Vancouver talkshow station CKNW, a memorable one being a full hour debate against Chief Roy Jones of the Haida Gwai tribe which intended to reopen the Westcoast Seal Hunt after 70 years of abstinence. He has also named me publicly as one of his three "heroes" (the other two being Captain Paul Watson and Alexandra Morton). He used to be an avid angler, in relation to which my own top achievement was to have said one line to him on the air in answer to his question of what I thought of creational angling. My answer was ,"I consider immoral any activisty in which one derives enjoyment out of another being's suffering." Not long afterward, he made a public announcement, in fact denouncement, that he has quit recreational angling for good, much to the chagrin and anger of anglers and hunters nation-wide.

I am writing him with a personal plea for him to take on one more issue in his already over-brimming agenda. It is because I think that one public sentence from him will make a huge difference, and there simply is not enough time for soft and gradual public education to turn the black tide in time to save the global environment.



Hi Rafe,

This email to you is being BCCed to over a dozen internet discussion groups, hundreds of my own personal contacts and in MySpace.com as a bulletin to over 1150 friends. And this is from a guy without any children, and of course grandchildren, to tell his own story to.

It is great for me to read the "long winded" expose of your life's work, which on the contrary I deem to be a very brief and oversimplified summary of your inestimable achievements for our civilization and our environment.

I am writing to ask a small personal favor. It will take up only about 5 minutes of your time, unless you want to devote more time to the issue afterwards. Please go to my site www.myspace.com/AnthonyMarr and check out the two pictures taken from the air of the Alberta tar sands with my own camera in the left-hand column underneath my motorcycle pics and tour itinerary, then go to "View My Pics" (right under my cover photo with the white dog), and check out the entire folder of 153 pics (all by my own camera) in the folder titled "The Alberta tar sands - Worst Industrial Disaster". SaveOurRivers.com should be interested in the state of the Athabasca watershed depicted in living colours therein.

Yep, this is all I ask. 5 minutes. The rest is entirely up to you.

Your friend,


Reply From RAFE

Many thanx for your lovely comments.

I did as you asked and am wondering what you would like me to do?

I tried to make a comment but got stopped by "password". You see, I'm hopeless with these things. I don't understand them and something in the pit of my tummy dislikes all the things computers ask you to do.

I'm certainly against "mining" the tar sands a process that has several threats other than the environment. Of course the "mining" aspect is devastating but we cannot overlook the way this stuff is transported both on land and by ship.

Off the environmental bit for a second, this is going to cause a constitutional mess in Canada with Alberta pitted against the federal government.

With Alberta, for God's sake, running a billion dollar deficit we can expect Premier Stelmach will want more and faster extraction than ever.

We at Save Our Rivers are up to our eyeballs as we close in on the May 12 election but condemn, outright, the Tar Sands project.

Best as always,


Response From Anthony


Thank you for the prompt reply.

Don't worry too much about making comments to my 153 pics of the tar sands. What you wrote in your reply is already more than the one liner I had hoped for. But since you ask me what I'd like you to do, may I suggest that if you could devote one of your daily commentaries on this subject in all its ecological, economic and political aspects, and also about the pipeline being built through BC from the tar sands to Kitimat, thus necessitating tanker traffic in BC waters with a statistical 16-years-per-Exxon-Valdez-class-spill, I'd be eternally grateful, and would blast it out all over the internet on your behalf.

Because I've undertaken 6 Compassion for Animals Road Expeditions (CARE-tours) covering 25-45 states in 3-7 months each, I have built an extensive network of contacts, 95+% of which being American. Since we cannot isolate Canada from the rest of the world, and especially in light of the recent Obama/Harper meeting which did touch upon the tar sands, you words could win American hearts and minds as well.


ps - I strongly suggest as well that you build yourself a site on www.myspace.com, as I have done. I have derived huge benefits from it. As soon as you get in there, it will offer you simple templates to simply substantiate. I built mine all by myself within 3 days, plus of course subsequent updates. There are 250 million users in MySpace worldwide. Surely, you can see its potential.

Anthony Marr, founder and president
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
216-386-7362 / 604-222-1169

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