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Nocturnal Meditation - a gift of peace from Anthony Marr

Dear friends in defense of Mother Earth:

I am about to launch a series of Youtube videos on global warming, one of which titled "Methane Time-Bomb - Doomsday Machine". I've decided to do it myself because that's the only way that I could say what I wanted to say in exactly the way I want to say it. But first, I need to learn how to do it. So, yesterday, I experimented with one simple way of doing it. The result is an 11-min video of nothing other than the beauty of nature and two transcendent pieces of music. It is not a campaigning video. It does not even mention global warming. But it does show us some of the precious things in life we have to lose, and will lose, and will eliminate from our children's future. I have titled it "Nocturnal Meditation from Seasons to Eternity".

I hope that you will enjoy it. If it will last 100 hundred years, I hope that our children will thank us for saving some of it for them, instead of just showing them what it used to be.

It can be found in 2 places:

1. go to www.myspace.com/AnthonyMarr  --> 20% down right-hand column, and check out the rest of the site while at it, if not yet, or

2. go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLWILuwtckc 

Please pass it on, especially to your children.


Anthony Marr, founder and president
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)

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