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December 21, 2012, is widely believed to be the date of the End of The World according to the Mayan calendar, Christian prophecy and even the I-Ching. Predictions abound as to how this would happen: mega-solar-flare, Earth's magnetic pole reversal, "Planet Nibiru", asteroid strike, supervolcano eruption, galactic alignment, WW3, pandemic, the Rapture... none of which, except WW3 and pandemic, has any probability much higher than 0.00%.
But the one thing that can do it, with almost 100% certainty given the current human trajectory, has yet to be mentioned even once by all the contemporary "prophets", and that is:

To ignore it is to ignite it
at our children's peril!
If you could watch only one video for the rest of your life,
this is the one you MUST see -
if you value the lives of your children's children.


Never heard of the M-BOMB? Once the person has seen the above video, he/she will realize how incredible it is to never have heard of the M-BOMB - about as incredible as to have never heard of the A-Bomb or the H-Bomb, especially given that whereas the A-Bomb is in kilotons and the H-Bomb is in megatons, the M-BOMB is in gigatons or even teratons.

Why never heard of it? King Coal and its puppet governments do NOT want the energy consumers to know anything about it; neither does Big Oil nor its puppets. Their scientists know it, or should know it, but they never talk about it. In fact, they vigorous deny that it even exists, which in fact will lead to its detonation, and they know it too. He/she will have to decide for himself/herself, and in order to do so, he/she must see the video.

These evil entities do what they do because they do not give a damn to our children's children. Why should they? The corporations can't profit from them, nor can the politicians in the next election.

The M-Bomb is a "slow bomb" which, once detonated, will take decades to run its course, but once detonated, it will be inexorable and relentless, until it is finally spent, by which time over 85% of all species on Earth will have fallen extinct, probably including our own. It happened 251 million years ago at the End-Permian Mass Extinction, among other times, and it can happen again. In fact, it has already started to happen again - what is known as the 6th Mass Extinction.

We may have 3 years to refuse this M-BOMB, or we may not. If we don't, or if we do and do nothing, then December 21, 2012, may indeed work out to be the day when the Doomsday Machine is detonated. Once that happens, it will be too late - there wouldn't be much we could do to keep our children from a horrible fate.

The video, though long (50-min.) and scientifically based, is also praised as a work of art with amazing images and gorgeous, perfectly timed music. Please reserve an uninterrupted hour for the experience. Unless a person already knows about the M-BOMB and the Latent Heat of Fusion, his/her mind will be blown, and he/she will never again be the same.

This video was launched on May 6 this year (2009), and has already attracted 1,300 viewings (myspace + youtube). After you have viewed it, you will agree that it should be seen by 300,000,000 in the USA alone. I humbly request that it be shown to your congregation, and be shared far and wide. Thank you from my heart.

Anthony Marr, founder and president
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)

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