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Hunters suppress Anthony Marr's deer-saving invention - the DAA

Following is an email exchange involving Lloyd Fox (KS Dept. of Wildlife and Parks), S.R. Larson, Kansas activist Jason Miller, Ohio activist Lane Perrante and myself. I think you will find it self-explanatory, infuriating, and most likely, thought provoking and, where my invention the DAA is concerned, fascinating..

The background is that there is a 2-sq.mi. urban park in Kansas where a major slaughter of over 75% of the deer herd (maybe as high as 95%) is being planned by the pro-hunting and pro-sharpshooting government, and by the hunters and commercial sharpshooters themselves. 


From S.R. Larson: Tuesday, September 01, 2009 10:07 PM
I have just learned of a disturbing plan to slaughter deer in Shawnee Mission Park beginning October 1; by recruiting gun and bow-hunters using baiting tactics, the Johnson County District Board of Park and Recreation Commissioners intends to decrease the deer population by 75% or more. Although this proposal is inherently cruel based on its premise alone, it is important to recognize it is based on erroneous information and according to human-orchestrated circumstances. As such, it is imperative that alternative, non-lethal methods be employed to amend the deer over-population as defined by biased homeowners and residents using propaganda, hysteria, grossly exaggerated and even false claims...


Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2009 15:49:32 -0500
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: Proposed Deer Cull

I appreciate your comments about the conditions and proposed actions at Shawnee Mission Park. Clearly you spent a considerable time thinking about this issue..

The deer population at Shawnee Mission Park has reached a critical condition. Many of the animals are thin and in poor physical condition at this time during one of the greenest and mildest years in the 30 years I have observed deer in this area. I've included a photo I recently took of a deer at the park. A typical young adult buck in Kansas at this time of year should have fat reserves and a sleek coat..

The density of deer at Shawnee Mission Park is approximately 200 deer per square miles, whereas the typical density of deer at three public areas within 40 miles of Shawnee Mission where hunting has been allowed has averaged approximately 12 deer per square mile..

The people at Shawnee Mission Park have been observing these changes over the years and realized they need to take action. They spent many months holding public meetings, gathering information from other cities and parks around the nation, and then working their team to develop a management program..

I have attached a file to provide background information. Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks reviews management proposals assists people and communities with wildlife issues..

Lloyd Fox, PhD
Kansas Dept of Wildlife and Parks


Jason Miller to Anthony Marr
Sept. 4, 3:49 PM (18 hours ago)

This is the response we got from one of the upper echelon "conservationists" for the state of KS.......how would you respond to this?


Anthony Marr to Jason Miller
Sept. 4, 8:02 pm

The system outlined below is always my solution, and so far, though I have presented it to a dozen governments in need of a non-lethal solution, no government has accepted it. I've heard umpteen times the term "American ingenuity", so why are these "Americans" so resistant to new and thoroughly logical and workable ideas? The reason of course is that governments are usually controlled by hunters, who want to kill for its own sake, and my proposal would prohibit them from killing..

Based upon his figures, some of which I doubt:

1. The park is about 1250 acres or 2 sq.mi. in size. So, there are about 200 x 2 = 400 deer in total. The claimed optimal deer population density is 12 per sq. mile, which I question. I do not disagree that the deer in his picture is not in good condition, but if the disparity is 200 vs 12, the deer would not just be scrawny, but be dead..

2. Let's for this argument use his formula of 12 per sq.mi. optimal; the optimal deer population in the 2 sq.mi. park then would be 12 x 2 = 24. The "surplus" deer number then is 400 - 24 = 376. So, first question. Are they planning to kill 376 deer?

3. I would suggest for you to go inside the park and see if there is any deer-clover plantation as in the Trexler Preserve in PA I mentioned in my "What the USA must change to become a great nation" blog.


I doubt that there is any since the deer does seem scrawny, but check anyway. If such a plantation exists, you can charge them for deliberately boosting the deer population for hunting purposes..

4. By what means are they going to "cull" the deer population? Gunhunting? Bowhunting? Sharpshooting? Net and bolt?

Here is my proposal:

1. Of the 1250 acres, I would set aside maybe 10-50 scenic and wooded acres as a Deer Auto-Assembler (DAA), which involves fencing it, with inward one-way gates every hundred yards or so..

2. Place food inside as enticement, and deer will enter, but cannot leave. You can allow as many or as few deer as you wish to enter. In this case, let 376 enter (which should be lower if the optimal deer density is higher than 12/sq.mi.), leaving 24 outside, then lock the gates..

3. Use IC (immuno-contraception) on the deer within the DAA..

4. Feed the deer in the DAA to keep them in prime physical condition and relieve their impact on the ecology, and use the DAA as a wildlife viewing area or a "deer park" (e.g. the ones in Japan), including maybe a viewing tower build inside of it. This will bring in revenue to cover the cost of the DAA and IC. Bear in mind that using sharpshooters, at $500 or more per deer, to sharpshoot 300 deer would cost $150,000..

5. If the deer population in the park (but outside of the DAA) increases, which it will, allow the "surplus" to enter DAA to maintain the park deer population at 24. Apply IC on these new deer that have entered the DAA..

6. The non-reproductive deer in the DAA will age and die off, except for the young new ones allowed to enter the DAA from year to year. Over time, the population of deer inside the DAA will decline. After the initial few years when the deer number in the DAA would be around 400, it will stabilize at a lower number, say several dozen, while the park deer population outside the DAA will be kept at 24 from year to year..

Problem solved, without the need to kill a single deer..

But of course this, along with IC, will be suppressed by all hunter-controlled governments..



Jason Miller to Anthony Marr
8:35 PM (14 hours ago)

This is goddamned brilliant! I'm going to look for the deer-clover and present this plan to the parks board, KDW, county commissioners, governor, and the media sometime this weekend. It will, of course, appear on Bite Club, FB, MS, and TPC. And I will, of course, credit you..

This plan, coupled with the fact that PLENTY of people have volunteered to donate the time and money that would be necessary to build the fences and administer the PZP AND the fact that the JOCO parks board has expressed a desire to maintain JOCO's image as a great place to live by making this "cull" humane, will...


Lane Ferrante to Jason Miller and Anthony Marr
Sept. 5, 5:48 AM

Yes, it IS brilliant and would work beautifully and therein lies the problem! Our opposition would be a minus in the brain department if they didn't realize that this would be the perfect solution, but that's exactly what they don't want. They want blood and a continued slaughter year after year. IF all media and residents learned of the DAA and really pushed it and demanded to know why the park would not consider it who knows, maybe then they would give it a try. Of course there will be a first location, a first time, as in MI, where they decided to stop the killing so who knows, maybe KS will be the first to implement the DAA..

As we know, Einstein, etc. were all considered crazy people at first. People get the credit, respect and accolades usually AFTER they're dead. Let's hope, Anthony, that you get all of that before that happens and someone, somewhere, will realize the brilliance of the DAA and make it happen..


Anthony Marr to Lane Ferrante and Jason Miller:
Sept. 5

Credit be damned. But if it means that the DAA has been implemented, the hunters have been defeated, and deer saved, and America becomes a little more civilized, well, I'll take it, posthumously or not!



Jason Miller to Lane Ferrante and Anthony Marr:
Sept. 5, 9:38 AM

This is precisely what I'm anticipating. I have little or no doubt that they will "have to have" a bow hunt this year to kill the "appropriate" number of deer....and it wouldn't surprise me if they skipped sharp shooting next year and went right to bow hunting....that's assuming that we're unable to stop this thing....which I am NOT assuming....


Lane Ferrante to Jason Miller and Anthony Marr:
Sat, 5 Sep 2009 06:09:14 -0700

I hate to sound like a pessimist but I'm pretty sure the number of deer after the "humane sharpshooters" are done will still not be an acceptable number to them. The reason for that is this is their sneaky way of getting hunting going in the park. Example -- in Solon they had the most "humane," and expert, DeNicola, kill deer but right from the beginning the ODNR (Ohio Dept. of Natural Desources) kept saying that eventually money will run out and bow hunters can keep the population in check for free. Every single year they pushed and pushed for hunting but the police chief would not allow it. Solon has been the only holdout so far..

It's been the exact same scenario in the Metroparks. Sharpshooting usually is followed with bow hunters. They have just completed their lottery..


Anthony Marr to all currently disinterested in the urban deer hunting issue: Please get interested..

To those already interested: Consider the DAA.


Anthony Marr, founder and president
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)

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