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Denmark Launches Roadmap To Transform Food System To Be More Plant-Based

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October 2023

The Danish government is the first in the world to develop a plant-based action plan that aims to increase the uptake and production of alternative proteins to help tackle climate change.

Logo for Action Plant for Plant-Based Foods [Handlingsplan for plantebaserede fødevarer]

The government of Denmark has published a “milestone” action plan which aims to make its food industry more plant-based.

Studies have shown that plant-based diets emit half the greenhouse gas emissions as animal-based foods, so a shift to more plant-forward foods is seen as an effective and healthy way of helping to tackle the climate crisis. This has led to governments around the world to begin implementing steps to help encourage more sustainable food choices.

Now, Denmark has marked a milestone in such plant-forward policies, with the world’s first full action plan to advance the production and consumption of plant-based food in the country.

The Danish government’s 40-page Action Plan for Plant-Based Foods outlines an extensive range of areas, including increasing consumption in public sector kitchens, education of professionals, export activities, production and processing, agricultural raw materials, and research and development.


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