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Letter from Arthur Poletti to the Dalai Lama about Being a Messenger for the Sake of the Animals - 5 Dec 2007

The Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama Thicken
Coiling P.O. Mcleod Ganja
Dharamsala H.P. 176219

His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama

Your Holiness, As you well know Siddhart
Gautama, the Buddha, was a Hindu who
accepted many of Hinduism's core doctrines,
such as karma.

His life and teachings offered special insights
into how to address problems of human
existence, and he taught vegetarianism as a
component of his general instruction to be
mindful and compassionate.

The Buddha encouraged mindfulness as
necessary for leading a compassionate life,
and he prohibited Buddhists from engaging in
occupations that involved killing animals, such
as a butcher, fisher, or animal farmer.

Your Holiness, for these reasons I am
compelled to send you the attached presentation
that I hope you will take the time to actually read.

Please let me know that you received this

For the sake of humans, animals, the earth
and the earth's atmosphere.

Arthur Poletti
Western Springs, Illinois

The Fourth Noble Truth of Buddhism:
"In seeking to escape from suffering ourselves,
why should we inflict it upon others?
How can a bhikshu (monk) who hopes to become
a deliverer of others, himself be living on the flesh
of other sentient beings?"

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