Letter From Jenny Moxham about Cow's Milk
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As published on Mercury (Hobart)
June 13, 2014

Dairy giant Murray Goulburn wants 20 million extra litres of milk to provide “long-life flavoured milk and protein drinks to a thirsty and discerning Asian market” (“Plea for players in dairy bonanza”, Mercury, June 12).

Well, guess what? Cows’ breast milk has a purpose and it’s not to provide flavoured drinks.
Its purpose is to nourish the mother’s newborn baby. Although we appear to recognise this fact in relation to human breast milk, we seem to have this strange notion that a cow’s breast milk belongs to us.

However, it is the cruelty of this industry that is the most objectionable. Each year in Australia 700,000 tiny dairy calves are slaughtered in their first week of life so their milk can be stolen for profit.

Jenny Moxham Monbulk, Victoria

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