Letters Letter From Noelene Sanderson about Governing for the Good of All
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As published in New Zealand's "TV Guide" Magazine
November 8, 2014

Dear Editor,

It was very interesting to note the number of our politicians who, in their Parliamentary swearing-in statement (Parliament T.V., Oct.21), did not choose to add the final phrase: "So, help me, God."

There were notable (and not unexpected) exceptions - but they were in the minority. Those watching will know who they were...and I honour their resolve.

So does this mean that we are being ruled by people the majority of whom do not believe in any power beyond ourselves; that the ultimate in knowledge and wisdom stops at the human being;  that the commitment to act "according to law" is acceptable, but not to act according to the ultimate universal Law governing all life on earth, for the good of all. 

Noelene Sanderson

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