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Letter to The McAlvany Health Alert
Concerning "Healthy Heart"

16 March 2002

Donald S. McAlvany
The McAlvany Health Alert
P.O. Box 84904
Phoenix, AZ 85071

RE: March 2002 issue: A Program for a Healthy Heart.

Dear Mr. McAlvany:

We expected the above-referenced information would be "cutting edge", but instead it turned out to be mostly outdated, so we thought you would be interested in a few of our findings concerning a healthy heart, which automatically includes cancer prevention and general good health.

As early as 1961, the Journal of the American Medical Association said, "Ninety to ninety-seven percent of heart disease can be prevented by a vegetarian diet." (J. H. Tolbott, "Diet and Stress in Vascular Disease," Vol. 176, No. 9 (June 1961), pp. 806-807.

Ruth Heidrich, Ph.D. , a friend of ours, is a vegan triathlete who holds a world fitness record at the Cooper Clinic in Dallas Texas.

Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr.,M.D. , cardiologist and surgeon of the Cleveland Clinic, uses a vegan diet to successfully reverse arterial buildup of plaque in his patients.

The place of meat eating now seems to be analogous to that of cigarette smoking of years gone by. The "advice" to eat "lean" or "organic" meat, "free range" eggs, "low-fat" dairy products", ad nauseum, is reminiscent of an era when white-coated "doctors" advertised cigarettes as "good for you", along with various types of "filters", and talk about "reducing nicotine and tar": all inadequate "band aid" measures.

We have found that the latest and best health information available anywhere is presented at the North American Vegetarian Societyís Summerfest held at the University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown, PA campus. We also enjoy the National Health Associationís Health Science magazine.

We look forward to your reply and any questions you may have.

In Christ,

The Mary T. and Frank L. Hoffman Family Foundation

Frank L. Hoffman, Trustee

Mary T. Hoffman, Trustee

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