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The Human Heart

Christian Living
Food for Thought Series

True Christian living requires us to live according to Kingdom standards which bring Heaven to earth

The Human Heart
- A Food for Thought Message -

By Donna Durbin

The Lord has said that He puts all life's issues in your heart, but TRULY if man's heart is not tried and expanded, what use is it?

According to the medical doctors, the heart is a large organ that pumps life giving blood, but it is the Lord who gives TRUE life, and to all those that don't receive Him in their heart, it is a black and a nonproductive mass of tissue.

The earth is the place where He puts His battles for us to pursue and it is our choice to fight for the cause of all, which is righteousness for ALL, and a FREE and fertile land.

The hearts that are black and dead cares only for SELF and today!

Isn't it only right to start each morning as a day of caring for others and doing all that is possible to achieve our calling in this life?

So, I say the true meaning of our beating heart is to lay our TOTAL BEING into His hands, and with each breath we take allow him have his way with us.

Each pain we receive in our heart is a growth of the Father's love being expanded, so we can change the lives of other beings in this earth, in the perfect will of our Creator.

He cares deeply for all those who have to suffer with pain and agony, and with every tear that is shed, He WILL cause another to rise up to bring forth strength to those He has called to carry out his plan.