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When All We Can See Is God

Christian Living
Food for Thought Series

True Christian living requires us to live according to Kingdom standards which bring Heaven to earth

When All We Can See Is God
- A Food for Thought Message -

It was just a painting.

It was just a wood carving.

It was simply a photo.

These were images captured in whatever form pleased that particular artist. They were each an expression of their God given talents.

Stills. Images.

But I could see life within the image. Why?

Because the image of the eagle, the deer, and the tiger somehow, at least for me, captured the spirit of the animal. Was there life in those images or images of life in my mind?

I say the word "eagle" and I see it in my mind soaring through the air or sitting in all its majesty upon the highest branch in the tallest tree. I see its greatness.

I think of a deer and hear it grunt and snort as it runs gracefully through the nearby field and up the hillside. I see its beauty.

The image of the tiger speaks to me without uttering a sound as his beautiful eyes scan the horizon, watching, moving silently toward its goal. I see its power.

The thought, the image, the spoken word, causes me to see the best of the beast, to immediately acknowledge its greatness.

To see their greatness is to acknowledge God within life.

And yet, what do you see when you see the image of another human being?

Do you see greatness?

Do you see beauty?

Can you see the power inside another person?

Or do you first judge them by the things they wear, the style of their hair, or even the color of their skin?

To see their greatness is to acknowledge God within you.

To find greatness, do great things.

To see beauty, be beautiful within.

To become powerful, empower others.

To acknowledge life is to see God within all things.

How much better will life be when all we can see is God?

"I believe in you!"

Bob Perks  

Copyright (c) 2003, Bob Perks. I encourage you to share my stories with your friends but, when copying I ask that you keep my name and contact information attached along with this notice. Use of this story for commercial purposes is prohibited without direct permission from the author.