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When Doors Don't Open

Christian Living
Food for Thought Series

True Christian living requires us to live according to Kingdom standards which bring Heaven to earth

When Doors Don't Open
- A Food for Thought Message -

© by Joyce C. Lock

One cannot blame man when God has not revealed the way.

One cannot blame God when man has yet to obey.

One cannot blame man when God hasn't opened the door.

One cannot blame God when man lingers all the more.

One cannot blame man when God's timing isn't right.

One cannot blame God when man waits, due to fright. 

One cannot blame man when God wisely says, "Not just yet"

One cannot blame God when man hasn't passed the test.


Facing closed doors, again and again, is a frustrating time in one's life.  It puts faith and patience to the test, while tempting to place the blame elsewhere.  It confines us to an inner prison, teaching the hard way to hang on when there's only God  to hang on to; to trust Him no matter the outlook; to quit trying to help God out, as it's His job to complete what He's called you to; to wait patiently, and finally, to be contented in all circumstances.       When the lessons have been learned and our freedom in Christ won (death not making us doubt out calling) - if the door remains closed, do not despair.

(1) Sometimes, God asks us to wait.  He has other hearts to prepare.

(2) He may be asking us to rest (He.4:8,10), giving those who didn't believe another chance to receive.  In which case, we'll "know" if Jesus has already told us something still will happen.

(3) God will not step over the heart of man to accomplish His purpose.  Once man says "NO" to God, He moves on ...  taking you with Him.  Shake the dust off your feet, keep marching forward, and don't look  back.

Just don't act until you "know" God's will.  Sometimes, He offers plan "B" (Is. 49:22-23).