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Semi-truck Kills 7 Wild Horses during Another Cruel Nevada Helicopter Roundup

From Lex Talamo, LadyFreethinker.org
October 2023

The Bureau of Land management continues to harrass, round up, terrify and sometimes kill thousands of Wild Horses because cattle ranchers tell the BLM what to do.

helicopter terrifying horses

Seven wild horses from Nevada died gruesome deaths on their way to holding corrals in Utah after a semi-truck, contracted by the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM), turned over on its side on a highway.

The recent fatalities bring the preventable death toll up to 11 wild horse deaths in the nine days since the roundup began on Oct. 22.

Lady Freethinker had stationed an observer in the Roberts Mountain Complex, a swath of 556,500 acres of public and private lands about 20 miles northwest of Eureka, after learning that the BLM had planned yet another massive helicopter-assisted roundup, with a goal of removing 1,068 wild horses from their home range.

Our observer in Nevada reported to us about the accident after the truck, carrying 36 captured wild horses to the Axtell Holding Corrals, turned over on its side off Hwy 50 outside Delta, Utah — more than 200 miles away from the trap site in Nevada.

The BLM’s website noted that three wild horses died in the accident and four others were killed due to the severity of their injuries. The daily gather report noted that “many” of the 29 survivors also suffered cuts and bruises.

“Maybe there’s a reason to not be transporting the horses so far away,” the observer said following the accident.y Freethinker by email only that there were “some small cuts, abrasions, and swollen up eyes.”


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terrified wild Horses
Roberts Mountain Complex Roundup (Scott Henderson Photography)

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