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Krishna Consciousness and the Judeo-Christian Tradition
A Guide to Interfaith Discussion


A Source of Inspiration

"I appreciate the labor and thought which obviously went into this work."

---Hridayananda dasa Goswami
spiritual master, ISKCON

"Your research is excellent. This publication would be a very effective tool for devotees who are preaching to, or in any way involved with Christians (which would thus include just about all preachers in North America)."

---Dhanesvara dasa
Vaishnava Community Development

"A Source of Inspiration is fantastic."

---Gangeya dasa
San Diego, CA

"A Source of Inspiration is excellent."

---K.B. Isler
Coquille, OR

"I learned a lot from it."

---Greg Sims
San Diego, CA

"I have already used some of your information both in conversations with my sister (a divinity student at U.T. Austin) and with a Christian friend."

---Mayapriya dasi
Nama-hatta Books

"Thank you for A Source of Inspiration. I found it very informative and pursuant to my ultimate goal—to be able to preach effectively to persons raised in Christianity. If you haven’t read C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity, I recommend it most highly—some of his quotes in that book are stunningly Vaishnava in nature. I was beginning to wonder if Lewis and Prabhupada ‘did lunch.’"

---Sue Love
Media, PA

" is wonderful that you have taken it upon yourself to make a study of the Christian similarities with Vaishnavaism. This is a desperately needed, if much overlooked, subject of study.

"Your A Source of Inspiration is a wonderful and long needed work. It is well researched and written. It will be very valuable to me in my further research on the subject. I would highly recommend it to others.

"Not only is your work ‘bona-fide,’ but it is crucially needed. While it is true that our religion has a lot in common with Judaism, of all the presently existing religions, none will serve as a greater ally to Vaishnavaism in the coming years as will Christianity."

---Prana Krishna dasa
Chicago, IL

"I was just needing this information to ‘debate’ with my father who is a retired Bishop in the United Methodist Church. Our terms are different, but he’s coming around after 17 years of our discussions. Now I have some real ammunition.

"Mom and Dad are 95 percent vegetarian. Dad agrees—since God is unlimited, His name could be Krishna!"

---Sailodgata dasi
Mesquite, TX

"In his book, Vasu Murti performs a valuable service indeed: he has made available source materials from within the Christian tradition which are normally in the domain of the academic specialist. His research has been intense, and has extended over a long period. His work deserves recognition, and in promoting it, I hope that his book will move into a wider audience."

---Brother Aelred
(Chaitanya dasa)
Armidale, Australia

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