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Politics and Passions - Winter 1995-96

Part 25

It's Quick. It's Legal. It Tells Them Where To Go

Aaron, Mike, William & Raul Outgrew Selective Service Today.

They Un-Registered.

You, Too, Can Join
the National Un-Registration Campaign.

Did you register for the draft? Would you like to UN-register?

Since 1980, the U.S. government has been getting ready to bring back the draft. Registration was the first step. Now they’ve trained draft boards, written guidelines on how a draft would be run and tested the whole system to make sure it works.

They say they could force 100 000 men into the military within a month after Congress okays the draft. In fact, if you are drafted, you may have less than ten days to report for duty or explain why you shouldn’t go. As always, poor working-class and Third World youth will be most likely to be drafted.

There has never been a registration without a draft, or a draft without a war. Chances are, if you are drafted, you’ll be part of a war against people in a country like Nicaragua, El Salvador, Lebanon, or the Philippines—an unpopular war that Americans won’t volunteer to fight.

The time to say "no" to the draft is now, before you and your friends must choose between being drafted, seeking a legal way out, or breaking the law.

The Committee Against Registration and the Draft has started a national Un-Registration Campaign to help men like you say "no" to the draft. To un-register, just fill out the card at the bottom of this page and mail it to CARD’s Mid-west Office. We’ll collect the cards from around the country and present them to Selective Service.

You can’t be punished for filling out an un-registration card. It’ s perfectly legal and can’t result in your losing federal benefits like student aid or job training. In fact, the draft law even says that the director of Selective Service can, if he wants to, remove your name from the list of men who might be drafted.

We don’t really expect him to do that. But, when Selective Service starts getting thousands of cards from men asking to be taken off their list, they’ll have to think twice before bringing back the draft. And that’s what really counts.


For up-to-date information on draft-related issues, send $1.00 with your name and address to the CARD Midwest Office, 731 State Street, Madison, WI 53703.


CCCO, 2208 South St., Philadelphia, PA 19146

CCCO-Western Region, 1251 Second Ave., San Francisco, CA 94122

Militarism Resource Project (emphasis on working class and Third World youth), P.0. Box 3416, Philadelphia, PA 191O1

Or see the local contact on the back of this card.

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