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Politics and Passions - Winter 1995-96

Part 36
No War - No Abortion

No War - No Abortion

Not Then – Not Now

Massive threats to human life are nor dim history: the 20th century is the century of genocide. As we recall the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 50 years ago, we need to apply the lessons of the past to the present. And today, the Chinese and American governments are engaged in ongoing campaigns against life. Recalling the events of August 6 and August 9 1945, we say: no to war, no to abortion - not then, not now.

The greatest human rights abuse on the globe today is the Chinese assault on women and children, the infamous one-child-only depopulation policy, that violates women’s rights, family rights and the right to life. Twenty percent of the women in the world live under a government that arrogantly claims the right to decide how many children they will have. The policy includes coercive sterilization, coercive IUD insertion, coercive abortion and widespread though unofficial female infanticide.

The Chinese government is also pursuing an aggressive nuclear weapons buildup, developing bigger and better bombs and delivery systems.

The American government has been able to overlook these savageries, as well as the ongoing Chinese campaign of genocide in Tibet. The Clinton administration was finally stirred to action against Chinese abuses by the piracy of compact disks. It is hard to imagine priorities more warped than those on display in the American response to Beijing.

The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki led to abortion in Japan. During the American occupation of Japan after the war, eugenic abortion was legalized to get rid of the children born with handicaps caused by radiation.

Today, we see the specter of abortion leading to war. In preparing to kill millions of people in a nuclear attack, manufacturing bombs is an important detail, but no more than a detail. What matters most is the coarsening of the human heart. Abortion, which kills tens of millions of children each year, has hardened our hearts, and prepares us for even more killing.

- John Cavanaugh-O’Keefe

Statement released to the press in conjunction with the
Hiroshima/Nagasaki observances, August 6-9, 1995.

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