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Politics and Passions - Winter 1995-96

Part 38

A New Approach

Animal experiments do not result simply in misery for animals. Our reliance on animal experiments diverts attention and vital resources away from methods which provide direct help to people. In an effort to improve human health and to alleviate the suffering of animals, The AAVS presents …

The International Charter for Health and Humane Research which advocates...

An emphasis directed toward the prevention of ill health.

America’s major killers - heart disease, cancer and stroke - are difficult or impossible to cure, yet usually preventable in over 80% of all cases. It Is through clinical observations of humans, not animal experiments, that we have identified the main causes.

A drug policy which restricts new medicines to areas of true medical need.

70% of new medicines add little or nothing to those already available and are introduced mainly to boost profits. They are not only a waste of financial and practical resources but may actually contribute to the high incidence of dangerous side effects.

A medical education which relies on methods of direct relevance to people.

Better results can be expected through careful observation of patients with specific disease conditions. Increasingly, drugs to treat AIDS, cancer and other afflictions can be developed and evaluated using an array of non-animal methods.

A medical training which concentrates on the study of human beings.

Animal physiology and human physiology are different, and doctors could be misled by any reliance on animal experiments.

A switch to non-animal methods to improve the safety of new medicines.

While clinical trials with human volunteers are the first valid test of a new medicine, preliminary test tube studies with human cells promise safer results than experiments on animals.

Vaccines which are produced from human rather than animal cells.

Vaccines against diseases like polio, rubella, measles, rabies and yellow fever can be produced more safely from human cells, because animal tissues have been found to harbor potentially dangerous contaminants.

The governments must ensure the rapid development, validation and use of non-animal methods.

Resources should be switched from misleading animal tests to ensure that medical research concentrates on the study of human beings and the rapid implementation of non-animal methods.


  • Send for copies of the International Charter for Health and Humane Research. Distribute copies of the Charter or this leaflet to your family doctor and to other interested individuals.
  • Write to your senators and congressional representative to inform them that you do not want any more tax dollars spent on unproductive research with animals. Include a copy of the Charter with your letter.
  • Make a contribution to our fund for the development and implementation of non-animal methods.
  • Contact the American Anti-Vivisection Society (AAVS) for free information about our innovative programs, campaigns and activities. Our annual dues of $15.00 entitles you to receive The AV Magazine, our monthly publication. (Dues and contributions are not tax-deductible due to our efforts to influence legislation.)

The American Anti-Vivisection Society
801 Old York Road, #204, Jenkintown, PA 19046-1685
TEL (215) 887-0816, FAX (215) 887-2088

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