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The Fungus Among Us
- Polyporellus squamosus -
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fau-polyporellus3.jpg (84001 bytes)(No. 3)  The polyporellus squamosus is a large fungus that grows mostly on rotting wood or bark.  It is distinguishable by its brown tipped scales on the lighter background color of its cap.





fau-polyporellus1.jpg (54967 bytes)(No. 1)  The polyporellus squamosus is considered edible, in the general sense of the term, but because it has such a penetrating acid flour smell and has such tough flesh, it is considered of little culinary value; however, this one looks like it has served as the "dining hall" for someone.




fau-polyporellus2.jpg (31084 bytes)(No. 2)  In this closer view of the surface of the previously pictured polyporellus squamosus, we can get a better look at the polyporellus scales and the apparent teeth marks of the animal that has been eating it.  Within a couple of weeks, the whole fungus was almost completely consumed by whoever was feeding on it.


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