(Wild Rose, Small White Rambling - 02) Each year, in the early part of June, these small white wild rambling roses begin to bloom, bringing a contrast to the green background. These roses are a climbing variety, and they utilize other trees and shrubs for their support. A few of these roses are in single bushes, but most are seen cascading down from the branches of other vegetation. The compound leaves are 5–10 cm long, with 5-9 leaflets with finely toothed edges. This year (2001) they were very prolific, giving the whole of Sleepy Hollow Lake a sweet perfume.
(Wild Rose, Small White Rambling - 05) We find such a peace in being able to go out into the woods or to take walks along our roadways and observe all the beauty of God's creation, and to do our best to capture it in our photos.  The real joy comes in knowing that we are doing no harm.  By contrast, we find it so insincere, when we hear hunters say that they enjoy the outdoors and the wildlife, and at the same time they have to take a weapon along to maim and kill.  To us, the only thing they sincerely enjoy is their killing.  It's as though they have an addiction for killing, and that everything else they say is only an attempt to divert attention from their addiction.
(Wild Rose, Small White Rambling - 01) Each flower is about 5/8  inch in diameter (1.5 cm.), with 5 petals, 1 pistil, and numerous stamens. Whether we observe the beauty of these small white wild rambling roses or an animal, we find ourselves constantly praising God for the magnificence of His creation, and that we have been blessed to be able to be a part of it. Each little thing has a beauty all its own. All we need to do is take the time to stop and observe it.
(Wild Rose, Small White Rambling - 03) Note the difference between these two small white wild rose blooms. The one to the lower right has just opened. Its five petals are not fully expanded, and its numerous stamens have not uncoiled, as with the mature flower in the center of the photo.
(Wild Rose, Small White Rambling - 04) We appreciate, as we hope you do, our ability to be able to take these "macro" photographs that allow us to take an even closer look at the "heart" of this small white wild rose than we could with our naked eye.  Such things remind us that there must be a God, for such things could not have happened by accident.  It is as Paul writes in Romans 1:20, "For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood, through what had been made, so that they are without excuse."
(Wild Rose, Small White Rambling - 06) The literature says that these wild white rambling roses can grow to over 15 feet (5 Meters) in height. The upper ones cascading down from the white pine tree are at least that high, if not higher.
(Wild Rose, Small White Rambling - 07) Note that the stamens are beginning to darken in the central rose in this photo, which is a sign that the flower is aging and will soon go to seed.
(Wild Rose, Small White Rambling - 08) This is another look at one of the small white rambling rose flower and leaves.
(Wild Rose, Small White Rambling - 08a) This is a closer look at the previous small white rambling wild rose flower.
(Wild Rose, Small White Rambling - 09) This is another look at the flower and leaves of the small white rambling wild rose.
(Wild Rose, Small White Rambling - 09a) This is a bee's eye view of the pistil and stamens of small white rambling wild rose flower.
(Wild Rose, Small White Rambling - 10) This is another look at some of the small white rambling wild roses.