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White-Tailed Deer

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(Deer - 11)  On 29 August 2002 we saw several white-tailed deer eating berries on the side of the road.  They looked at us with a sense of curiosity rather than an instant sense of fear.  This is a look that we have observed many times; several are presented in this photo journal.  Every time we have had these encounters, it has dramatically reinforced our belief that hunters are among the most cowardly human beings upon this earth, for to take the life of such a trusting being could only be the act of cowardly individuals who have to cause others to suffer and die in order to "prove" their masculinity.
(Deer - 12)  We were only about 30 to 35 feet away from this mother and her child when we took this photo.  Truly, the deer are living up to the standards of Isaiah's prophecy of the Peaceable Kingdom (11:6-9), even if some of our fellow human beings are unwilling to do so.  There is a dark line running from Mom's eye to her lower jaw and we wondered if it was from a prior injury.
(Deer - 12a)  This white-tailed deer appeared to be the leader of the group.  There appears to be the scar of a prior injury on this deer's left rear thigh.
(Deer - 13)  This white-tailed deer slowly entered the wooded pathway without even keeping a watchful eye on us.  To us, this is further proof of the inherently peaceful and trusting nature of these beautiful creations of God.  Thank you, Lord, for allowing this encounter.
(Deer - 14)  Looking into the eyes of this white-tailed deer was like looking into her soul.  These magnificent animals deserve to live their God-given lives just as much as we humans do.  How really depraved a human being has to be to take the head off such a wonderful living being and mount it on their wall!
(Deer - 15)  As we went on our way, we said good-bye to our friends and thanked them for allowing us to take these photos and to share them with our readers.
(Deer - 01)  The two white-tailed deer in this photo are almost completely hidden in the shadows of the woods.  They are located about 1/3 of the way from the left and about 1/3 of the way down from the top of the photo.
(Deer - 02)  Mary spotted these two white-tailed deer as we were on one of our walks.  We and the deer spent about five minutes just watching each other (I was also taking these pictures).
(Deer - 03)  With their white bow tie neck markings, these white-tailed deer look as if they're dressed for a formal affair.  Watching and photographing them was as though we were returning to the companionship of Eden, or moving towards the fulfillment of Isaiah's prophecy of the peaceable kingdom (Isaiah 11:6-9).  Considering the length of time we spent looking at these deer only reinforces our impression of how cowardly and cruel hunters really are.
(Deer - 07)  We came across these two white-tailed deer as they were eating some of the new spring growth along the side of the road.  The one continued to browse, while the other only exhibited cautious curiosity.  There were no signs of fear.
(Deer - 08)  These white-tailed deer continued to browse, casting an occasional glance at us over their shoulders.
(Deer - 09)  Then these two white-tailed deer casually walked across the road in front of us, one stopping on the side of the shoulder for a nibble.  There is absolutely no way that hunting these magnificent and peaceful living souls could be considered a "sport"; it is only a somewhat socially acceptable form of murder.
(Deer - 10)  These two white-tailed deer then slowly walked into the woods and disappeared from our view.  One of the deer even stopped to look back at us, as if saying good-bye.  Once again we had experienced a taste of the peaceable kingdom (Isaiah 11:6-9), when we will no longer hurt or destroy because the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord.  Our own personal experience and observation absolutely convinces us that it is only the human desire to hurt, kill and destroy that prevents Isaiah's prophecy from coming true.
(White Tail Deer - 16)  We were taking a walk during the second week of May, when Mary spotted this deer browsing along the side of the road.  Deer should not be this thin, particularly at this time of the year, and we were concerned about her health, especially because she appears to be pregnant.
(White Tail Deer - 17)  This is a closer look at this mother-to-be.  Moments after we took this photo, there was a loud noise and she bounded off into the woods.  We will keep her in our prayers.


(White Tail Deer - 18)  On 28 June 2003, while we were taking a late afternoon walk, we came upon this deer eating along the side of the road.
(White Tail Deer - 19)  As we watched this deer and continued to take these pictures, she moved about looking for more of the tasty tidbits that had fallen from the tree.
(White Tail Deer - 20)  The deer would occasionally look at us as we slowly walked toward her, but she continued eating.
(White Tail Deer - 21)  As we continued to walk closer to the deer, she took a longer look at us, and we were able to take this photo.
(White Tail Deer - 22)  The deer returned to browsing for food, obviously sensing no danger from us, even though we were upwind from her.
(White Tail Deer - 23)  None of the photos of this deer were taken with a telephoto lens.  She allowed us to get close enough to take them.
(White Tail Deer - 24)  When she turned to walk across the road, the deer looked at us again.  We believe that one of the reasons that we are able to get so close to some of the wild animals is that we are vegans (total vegetarians) and we don't smell like carnivores.
(White Tail Deer - 25)  Our camera batteries had run out of power, so we had to change them.  Upon returning to our observation of this deer, she had decided that the food she desired was not on the other side of the road, and turned back toward our side of the road.
(White Tail Deer - 26)  Part of the way across the road, the deer stopped to eat more of the tree-fallen tidbits.
(White Tail Deer - 27)  As she continued her walk back across the road, the deer continued to eat these tasty tidbits.
(White Tail Deer - 28)  There is something very special about these gentle souls!  We cannot understand how anyone could take pleasure in killing them.
(White Tail Deer - 29)  Each of our encounters with wild animals, such as the one we had with this deer, gives us a taste of the reality of the prophet Isaiah's peaceable kingdom foretold in the Bible (Isaiah 11:6-9).
(White Tail Deer - 30)  All the time we were photographing this deer, there was a rabbit dining a little further up the side of the road.  (Upper right corner of photo)
(White Tail Deer - 31)  As she ate, this deer continued to walk across the road; and at the same time, we continued to move slowly toward her.
(White Tail Deer - 32)  When the deer finished eating, she looked up at us again.
(White Tail Deer - 33)  The deer took a couple of steps toward us, as we continued to look at each other.
(White Tail Deer - 34)  The deer then turned back to see if there was anything good to eat on the bushes.
(White Tail Deer - 35)  The deer then slowly turned away and began walking up the road toward the place where the rabbit continued to graze on the roadside salad.
(White Tail Deer - 36)  The deer then turned to reenter the woods.  This encounter was truly a blessing.
(White Tail Deer - 37)  On 30 June 2003, as we were taking an early evening walk in the same area, we spotted these two fawn on the road.  We knew Mommy deer had to be close by her children.
(White Tail Deer - 37a)  We then spotted Mommy deer browsing in the shadows along the side of the road.
(White Tail Deer - 38)  As we continued to move a little closer, the deer looked up at us.
(White Tail Deer - 38a)  One of her children also looked up at us, but the other one continued to eat.
(White Tail Deer - 39)  The fawn on the left seemed to be a little skittish about our presence, but the other one was not frightened and continued to eat.
(White Tail Deer - 39a)  The deer seemed concerned that her one of her children was frightened, so we stopped walking.
(White Tail Deer - 40)  The mother deer remained on the side of the road, but her children moved closer to her.
(White Tail Deer - 41)  Realizing that we presented no danger to her or her family, the deer returned to eating with one of her children, but the other child was still frightened by our presence and began to run away.
(White Tail Deer - 42)  Mommy deer was concerned about her frightened child and started to go after him or her.
(White Tail Deer - 43)  The deer walked up the side of the road toward her fleeing child.
(White Tail Deer - 43a)  The frightened fawn stopped running as mother deer walked toward him or her.
(White Tail Deer - 43b)  Even after his or her mother and sibling had left, this little deer continued to look at us for what seemed like a couple of minutes, before bounding off to join the family.
(White Tail Deer - 44)  As we were walking along the road, we saw this deer walk into the woods; and as we were taking this photo, her baby ran up to her and they rubbed their faces together in a greeting of love.
(White Tail Deer - 45)  As we walked down the road, this white tail deer was slowly walking into the woods.
(White Tail Deer - 46)  We believe that these are the two youngsters we photographed with their mother the previous week.  This time they were without Mother.
(White Tail Deer - 47)  I was softly talking to the deer as I slowly walked toward them.
(White Tail Deer - 48)  As I moved closer, the deer on the left trotted up towards me and stopped next to his or her sibling.
(White Tail Deer - 49)  Some flies seemed to be bothering the deer on the left, and he or she kept trying to chase them away.
(White Tail Deer - 50)  The deer on the right seemed particularly interested in me, as I continued talking and walking closer.
(White Tail Deer - 51)   These young white tail deer made no move to leave.
(White Tail Deer - 52)  By this time the biting "deer" flies were beginning to bother all three of us.
(White Tail Deer - 53)  A little breeze began blowing, and the flies left, and the deer returned to eating the white mulberries that had fallen on the road.
(White Tail Deer - 54)  As I slowly walked closer, they looked up at me, but didn't make any move to run away.
(White Tail Deer - 55)  It is this gentle innocence of the deer that proves to us the evilness of so-called "sport hunting."
(White Tail Deer - 56)  As I was taking this photo, a fly began annoying the deer on the left.
(White Tail Deer - 57)  We continued watching each other.
(White Tail Deer - 58)  The flies continued to bother the deer on the left, as I moved to within about 30 feet of these young deer.

(White Tail Deer - 59)  Trying to chase away the annoying flies, the deer on the left kept swishing his or her tail and ears.
(White Tail Deer - 60)  The deer on the right returned to eating some of the berries.
(White Tail Deer - 61)  The more encounters we have like this one, the more we realize how morally bankrupt a person has to be to deliberately kill another healthy being, and how absolutely evil it is to kill for pleasure.
(White Tail Deer - 62)  We pray that the hearts of the killers of life would be softened to feel the greater pleasure of preserving life and enjoying it as God created it to be.
(White Tail Deer - 63)  We just stood and watched each other in peace.
(White Tail Deer - 64)  Once again the flies broke the serenity of our encounter, and the deer moved apart so that we could not photograph them together.
(White Tail Deer - 64a)  The biting flies also brought us back to the reality of the corrupt nature of this world, and how it separates us one from another; however, as peacemaking children of God (Matthew 5:9, Romans 8:18-25), we can minimize this corruption.
(White Tail Deer - 65)  Then the deer moved back together.

(White Tail Deer - 66)  And they returned to eating the white mulberries.
(White Tail Deer - 67)  "Hey!  Did you find something better over there?"
(White Tail Deer - 68)  Then a fly interrupted the deer's quest for food.

(White Tail Deer - 69)  As the deer walked up the road, so did we; and the sound of our footsteps caused them to look back at us.

(White Tail Deer - 70)  How horrible it must be to live in fear all your life, where even the slightest noise causes you to have to look for danger.
(White Tail Deer - 71)  I was softly talking to these deer as we stood looking at one another.
(White Tail Deer - 72)  Then the deer began to slowly trot up the road to return to their mother.
(White Tail Deer - 73)  Our parting thought, before the deer entered the woods, was that God would bring an end to the pain and suffering in this world, and that we humans would help and no longer be the perpetrators of so much of the world's evil.
(White-Tailed Deer - 74)  As we were walking along the road, Mary spotted this young white-tailed deer in the brush.
(White-Tailed Deer - 75)  Slowly, we continued along the road and took another photo.
(White-Tailed Deer - 76)  As we started to cross the road toward the deer, we took this photo.  There was no sign of fright.  We were curiously enjoying the company of one another.
(White-Tailed Deer - 77)  We were now only about twenty-five feet away from this gentle living soul.  At times like this it's hard not to think about how extremely cowardly hunters have to be in order to kill a deer from ambush.
(White-Tailed Deer - 78)  Looking into the face and eyes of a "wild" white-tailed deer, as we are doing here, is like having a glimpse back into Eden or into Isaiah's prophecy of the Peaceable Kingdom (Isaiah 11:6-9), where no one will hurt or destroy because we will be full of the knowledge of the Lord.
(White-Tailed Deer - 79)  We were so close to this white-tailed deer that we could see the individual hairs in her ears, and we thanked God for this meeting.  To hunt and kill such a beautiful being must be a form of cursing God.
(White-Tailed Deer - 80)  She cocked her left ear toward a car that was coming up the road behind us, so we walked a little farther on to the shoulder of the road.
(White-Tailed Deer - 81)  As we walked a little farther up the side of the road, she turned sideways behind the brush.
White-Tailed Deer - 82) If only the world could learn to live in the peace of this moment!
(White-Tailed Deer - 83) We said our good-byes, and our white-tailed deer friend slowly went off to continue browsing for food.
(White-Tailed Deer - 84) This is our parting photo of our white-tailed deer friend.
(White-Tailed Deer - 85) While walking along the road, we spotted this white-tailed deer walking through this clearing.  We said, "Hello!", and she stopped to return the greeting.
(White-Tailed Deer - 86) Then she resumed her journey.
(White-Tailed Deer - 87) As she continued to walk away, we prayed for God to protect her and her sibling.
(White-Tailed Deer - 88) As we parted company, we thanked God for this peaceful encounter.  We had truly received a blessing: "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God". (Matthew 5:9)
(White-Tailed Deer - 89) We spotted these white-tailed deer resting and browsing while we were walking to get our mail.
(White-Tailed Deer - 89a)  This is a closer look at two of the white-tailed deer.
(White-Tailed Deer - 90)


(White-Tailed Deer - 91)
(White-Tailed Deer - 92) The deer would alternate between browsing and watching us take their pictures. We simply don't understand how someone can see these gentle souls of God and still desire to kill them.
(White-Tailed Deer - 93)
(White-Tailed Deer - 94)
(White-Tailed Deer - 95)  Deer blend very well into their surroundings.  See if you can spot the 4 deer in this photo: 2 youngsters and their mothers.
(White-Tailed Deer - 96)
(White-Tailed Deer - 97)
(White-Tailed Deer - 98)
(White-Tailed Deer - 98a)
(White-Tailed Deer - 98b)
(White-Tailed Deer - 99)  After we said "Good-Bye" to each other, the deer slowly turned and began walking away.
(White-Tailed Deer - 100)  We took this last photo of the deer and then continued on our walk.
(White-Tailed Deer - 101)  In early April 2005, as we were returning from our three mile walk to pick up our mail, these two white-tailed deer walked across the road in front of us and began browsing in a wooded clearing about 30 feet away from us.
(White-Tailed Deer - 101a)  This is a closer look at the two deer.
(White-Tailed Deer - 102)  These two white-tailed deer were very well aware of our presence, as they continued to browse for something to eat.
(White-Tailed Deer - 103)  We had to stop and change the batteries in our camera, and one of the white-tailed deer seemed to become fascinated with what we were doing.  When we finished, we took this photo of the pair.
(White-Tailed Deer - 104)  Then the other deer began looking at us.  These innocent animals show no signs of fear; they just seem to be as interested in us as we are in them.  It is this innocence that takes the term "sport" away from "hunting", and calls it what is really is: "Murder".
(White-Tailed Deer - 105)  On 2 April 2006, at about 5:00 in the afternoon, we were walking back from picking up our mail from the mail room, which is about 1.5 miles from our home, when we saw a white-tailed deer walk across the road about 100 yards ahead of us.  We continued walking and realized that she had stopped about 10 feet off the shoulder of the road and was watching us walking toward her.
(White-Tailed Deer - 106)  The white-tailed deer didn't move as we got closer.  We could sense that she seemed to have no fear of us, but had a fear of most human beings.  This emotional conflict seemed to make her keep her distance of about 15 feet from us.  We even began talking to her, and thanked her for allowing us take these photos.
(White-Tailed Deer - 107)  Some people envision having "encounters of the third kind" with a being from another world, but we have the most wonderful experiences meeting members of other species on this planet.  Our "peaceable kingdom" encounter with this white-tailed deer is just one of them.
(White-Tailed Deer - 108)  We loved the curious look on her face as she lowered her head and sniffed the air.  We didn't smell like most other humans.  We smelled like fellow vegetarians.
(White-Tailed Deer - 109)  As we started to move up the road, so that the sun was more to our backs, this white-tailed deer also began to turn around so she could have a better view of us.
(White-Tailed Deer - 110)  As this white-tailed deer turned around we moved a little closer, so our distance from her still remained at about 15 feet.
(White-Tailed Deer - 111)  We are so thankful for these times of having the privilege of being so close to God's other creatures, that we can't understand how anyone could harden their heart to such an extent that they could kill such a gentle and magnificent being as this white-tailed deer.
(White-Tailed Deer - 112)  After standing and watching each other for a few more minutes, the white-tailed deer turned to continue her browsing.
(White-Tailed Deer - 113)  Slowly, the white-tailed deer walked back into the woods.
(White-Tailed Deer - 114)  As she was leaving, we prayed and asked God to bless and protect her and her fellow white-tailed deer, as well as the other creatures He made.
(White-Tailed Deer - 115)  It was as though she heard and understood our prayer, for she immediately stopped and turned to look at us.
(White-Tailed Deer - 116)  Why can't everyone come to know and understand the blessings that come from encounters like this one between a white tailed deer and us?  If we did, then we'd also know what "peace on earth" is all about.
(White-Tailed Deer - 117)  We said our good-byes and continued on our respective ways, until we meet again.
(White-Tailed Deer - 118)  This is another white-tailed deer who walked across the road ahead of us as we were walking back from picking up our mail.  She stopped just off the side of the road and seemed to be waiting for us as she occasionally picked an old rose hip off the bush.  When we stopped, we were only about 10 feet apart.  She even waited for us to take the camera out of our case and take a couple of photos.  How anyone can stoop so low as to shoot such tame animals and call it "sport" is beyond our imagination.
(White-Tailed Deer - 119) When we went to take this second photo, the batteries ran out of power, so we had to change batteries before taking this picture.  She just watched what we were doing the whole time, occasionally reaching over to pick off another rose hip.  We visited for a few more minutes, then we went on our separate ways.
(White-Tailed Deer - 201)  This and the next 4 photo were taken by Sharon B. Johnson in her yard in the foothills of the Boston Mountains near Winslow, AK.  We thank her for sending them to us.
(White-Tailed Deer - 202) This is one of about 7 deer that came to visit Sharon in her yard.  She was only about 10 feet away from her.
(White-Tailed Deer - 203)  These deer decided to take a rest beside Sharon's wood pile.
(White-Tailed Deer - 204) Sharon wrote, "a few years back, one doe used to bring a couple of young ones and leave them on my lawn for a while. She would come back after about an hour and rejoin them. I never dared to take pictures of them for fear of scaring them off."
(White-Tailed Deer - 205) Sharon wrote, "I took the photo of this little one from the patio door in my living room. She was only about 10 ft from me, but you can probably see there was a chain link fence between us (for a dog run). She stayed around for quite a long time - one of my dogs finally scared her off. She didn't realize he was just trying to give her a dog biscuit."

The following photos were sent to us by Alejandro G. Cossio of the rescued whitetail deer on his sanctuary in Queretaro, Mexico.
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