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"And God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good.   And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day" (Genesis 1:31)

God's Other Creatures
- Mallard Duck -
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(Mallard Duck - 00)  We were walking along the edge of Sleepy Hollow Lake as the last wispy remnants of the morning fog were lifting from the surface.




(Mallard Duck - 00a)  These ghost-like figures of fog seemed to be walking on the surface of the water as they exited the lake.





(Mallard Duck - 01)  But one of the figures on the lake was neither ghost-like nor made of fog; it appeared to be a lone male mallard duck.





(Mallard Duck - 01a)  Slowly, and seemingly without effort, this mallard duck moved closer to us and then remained about 25 feet off shore.  It was like an answer to our constant prayer that the Peaceable Kingdom of Isaiah's prophecy (11:6-9) would come now, when we would no longer hurt or destroy each other, our fellow beings, the animals, and the environment.


(Mallard Duck - 02)  We have noticed that there are several different coloration patterns on mallard ducks, but they all have the characteristic green head with a thin white "collar" below.




(Mallard Duck - 03)  Only small ripples could be detected as this mallard duck slowly paddled in elliptical circles.





(Mallard Duck - 04)  A person would have to be both spiritually and emotionally blind not to see that this mallard duck is enjoying his life.  Yet all too often, some of our fellow human beings want to take away his life.  And we horribly mistreat his domestic cousins on farms, particularly those which produce foie gras.



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