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"And God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good.   And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day" (Genesis 1:31)

God's Other Creatures
- Rabbit -
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(Rabbit - 01)  We spotted this rabbit while we were taking one of our walks, and he or she was kind enough to allow us to take a few pictures.




(Rabbit - 02)  We kept moving slowly as we took these photos, and friend rabbit kept watching us, but did not run away.





(Rabbit - 03)  And we continued to watch each other for a few more minutes.





(Rabbit - 04)  As we watched this rabbit, we continued taking more pictures.





(Rabbit - 05)  As we continued walking slowly along the road, the rabbit turned around and started hopping in the same direction we were going.





(Rabbit - 06)  Every time we have a close encounter with one of God's other creatures, as we had with this rabbit, it reminds us of how wrong it is to kill an animal for pleasure, and how right it is to enjoy each other's company in peace.




(Rabbit - 07)  We thanked friend rabbit for allowing us to take these photos, and slowly continued down the road.





(Rabbit - 08)  On another walk, we spotted this rabbit eating some grass or clover.





(Rabbit - 09)  The rabbit looked up at us for a brief moment, and sensing no danger from us, continued to eat.





(Rabbit - 10)   In search of other tasty plants, which are the only things that rabbits eat, this rabbit then hopped a little farther down the road.  (None of these photos were taken with a telephoto lens.)




(Rabbit - 11)  During a late afternoon walk on 28 June 2003, we saw this rabbit dining on some veggies along  the side of the road.





(Rabbit - 12)  As we slowly walked a little closer, we took another photo of this rabbit.




(Rabbit - 13)  Then the rabbit took a few hops and stopped to allow us to get quite close in order to take this photo, for which we thanked him or her.  (This photo was taken with our normal, non-telephoto lens.)  We have a theory that the reason we are able to get so close to wild animals is that, being  vegetarians (vegans), we don't smell like meat-eaters, and thus they sense no real threat.



(Rabbit - 14)  Friend rabbit was on the side of the road, as we were taking a morning walk (21 July 2003).  He or she saw us coming and hopped a few steps away, but then stopped and allowed us to approach within a few feet of him or her, and patiently waited while we took this picture.





(Rabbit - 15)  On 30 March 2004 Debra Stitt sent us this photo with the following comment:  "I was feeling a little stressed this morning...I was trying to get motivated for my morning workout, which was difficult under the circumstances!  I had just picked up my weights and saw something out of the corner of my eye.  Low and behold this perfect little bunny appeared out of nowhere and was sitting right outside of my window looking right at me. She sat there watching me until I had finished my set and then lingered even longer allowing me to take four pictures of her. She then scampered off into the bushes. It's almost as if God sent her to give me a different perspective on the day. The timing was perfect -- just like her!  Blessings come in all shapes and sizes!"


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