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"And God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good.   And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day" (Genesis 1:31)

God's Other Creatures
- Turkey Vulture -
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(Turkey Vulture - 08) "Although turkey vultures get less frequent press than eagles, they provide an equally rapturous impression as they float in effortless grace on thermals, updraft currents from warming air."  Photo and comment by Sue Holloway of Creatured Connection.



(Turkey Vulture - 09) "The turkey vulture is one of two kinds of vultures in North America, which include the smaller black vulture, commonly associated with the South. The "t-v," as this vulture is known in the birding world, is about as tall as the bald eagle, with a glorious wingspan up to six feet wide."  Photo and comment by Sue Holloway of Creatured Connection.



(Turkey Vulture - 01) The turkey vulture is sometimes referred to as a "turkey buzzard".  This turkey vulture soared gracefully above our heads as we were on one of our autumn walks.




(Turkey Vulture - 02) The magnificent soaring raptor does not kill other animals to eat.  It dines on carrion, the dead bodies of other animals.  God has so designed this bird, that it is immune to the diseases usually associated with decaying flesh.  In this sense, the turkey vulture is one of nature's undertakers.



(Turkey Vulture - 03) This turkey vulture caught a thermal and glided upon its uplifting air currents in seemingly effortless circles.





(Turkey Vulture - 04) As we watched, the turkey vulture continued to climb upon the thermals, banking his or her wings to remain in the uplifting air.




(Turkey Vulture - 05) The whole time we watched this turkey vulture circle in this thermal, we didn't see him or her flap a wing.




(Turkey Vulture - 06) This turkey vulture made one final loop near us...





(Turkey Vulture - 07)  ...and having not found a meal, this turkey vulture headed off to look elsewhere, and find another thermal upon which to glide.




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