A Pit Bull's Right to Be
By C. Hamilton (as found on Win Animal Rights (WAR))

I went for a walk the other day,
to clear my head, when along the way.
I came upon a sight to sorry to see,
a beaten pit bull looking up at me.

She had been fought, and lost my guess,
Thrown away like all the rest.
In her eyes, I saw a love so deep,
a deep hardened anger into my soul did creep.

I put the anger aside, and bent down to hold,
this beautiful creature, so lonely and cold.
I knew she was dying, she knew it too,
and she would die in my arms, me saying I love you.

We sat for awhile, looking into each other's eyes,
and no one could hear our sad, sad cries.
With her last little strength, she licked my face,
and then went away with a beautiful grace.

I walked away a different soul,
Anger and hatred would take their toll.
I was so lost in anger and grief,
my life was being stolen, by an invisible thief.

I looked for a purpose, and soon I did see,
I had to fight, for a pit bulls right to be.
Pit bulls are loyal, loving, honest, and true,
and sweet pit bulls, I'll always be fighting for you.