Beautiful Flowers
By LynRose

How beautiful you are,
the very essence of gentle!
Your movements are slow
to match your sincere gaze.
Humans call you a cow
but I will call you a flower,
a sweet, gentle flower
with only the sweetest of intentions.
When I look into your eyes,
I can feel your confusion
and your fear.
I understand your loss,
of a child you will never know.
I understand your feelings of disconnect,
toward those who seem to be "caring" for you.
How strange it must be to,
to spend your entire short life
with only female "cows"
and never with males or babies.
It is cruel of humans to think that you,
in all of your wisdom,
are unaware of the smells and sounds of death.
In your final hours,
I will be thinking about you
and feeling your unneasiness
and wishing with all of my being
that I could step in and help you.
You are always on my mind,
my dear sweet flower.