Crown of Creation
by Juli Maltagliati

They burn in the fire
of human atrocities;
they burn in the fire
of human indifference;
they burn in the fire
of human cowardice,
masquerading as delicacy,
too tender for truth.

They burn in the fire
of rationalization,
excuses, and lies.
Some assert with assurance
that they choose immolation,
and offer themselves
like magnanimous martyrs
to quell human craving
and human fixation.

So they burn in the fire
as the lake offers water
and we gaze at the ripples
of the dancing blue water,
the hypnotic water,
and our pails remain empty
while they burn in the distance,
while they burn right behind us,
our pails remain empty
and idle beside us.

We will douse the inferno
when our bodies are flaming,
when our spirits are burning,
when our hearts are ablaze,
and we shriek from the horror
as we sizzle and blister,
that is when,
only then,
will we put out the flames.

Copyright © 1-16-08
Juli Maltagliati