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by Robyn L. Stacey

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The Earth's Custodians
(c)1996 Robyn L Stacey
Submitted by the poet 9 Sep 2001

Shaken, scared, confused, lonely.
He breathes heavily,
As he sits by the roadside
Where his mother has died.

Wheels of monsters - devilish fiends -
Her body left limp from man-made machines.
A life gone unnoticed without a care;
He lets out a yowl as our beware...

"Take care of this world in which you belong;
You, too, may not be here for very long.
For, you may find yourself insignificant someday
And wimpering on the side of the roadway."

So, when a car speeds by
And there's an awful cry
From animal youngins
Who wonder where mom's been...

Remember...the mother left there -

Deathly still,
And that you are the Earth's caretakers...

Custodians, if you will.

Robyn L Stacey
October 1996

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