(12/28/70 - 9/6/84)

By Jean Foster, from Animal Rights Online

I was young!
I ran like the wind and
The world glistened, fresh and new
With each season.

Colorful leaves raced across the lawn,
Crisp and elusive.
Snowflakes danced in howling winds
But winter posted no threat.

I was young!
Each season blended into the next,
And each displayed its beauty.
The years passed.

Your joys were mine, as were your sorrows;
Our love grew in understanding and
I served you faithfully.

Now out of your love for me
I ask your courage.

I am old!
My sight has dimmed.
I no longer great each season with you.
I cannot run and my body knows pain.

So have the wisdom, dear friend, out of love,
To bid me farewell, and send me on my way
With dignity.

And cherish each season that we shared,
For they are eternity.