Is This My Life?
By Bernie Jones

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Is This My Life?
By Bernie Jones

Get away from me!
Stop pecking me!
Stop that throbbing in my head...that searing pain in my beak
What's happened to my beak?
A hot blade, a searing pain I can still feel...what did they do?
Why did they do it?
Take that foul stench from what is left of my nostrils...PLEASE! this my life?

I can barely move
I shit through the slats in the floor
I'm scared and I'm cramped.
No space to call my own.
I peck...I am pecked.
I peck and try to stretch,
and peck
and shit
and peck
and sleep
and try to stretch again.
It stinks in here. I stink. This world stinks.

Is this my life?

I lay, I eat, I shit, I sleep, I peck, I am pecked, I stink,
I screech, I feel pain

Is this my life?

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