By Chalissa, from Animal Rights Online

The marlin on the hook
The senior Exec getting in some R & R
Elated & in anticipation for the fight to come
Comfortably belted in the Captains chair
Revelry for one &
Death for the other

Thrashing & tossing
The gaping wound in the
Roof of the mouth
Oozing blood

What devils scepter invades
The edges of the brain
Playing out the dance
Of death
Life ebbing with each move

The waters turn crimson
The eyes befuddle
The nerves frayed
The searing pain
Throbbing & exploding

A fervent prayer, end this charade
Take my carcass
Tear it limb from limb
Let the soul go heaven word

The final toss over the bow
The fading vision sees
The Cheshire cat grin
Of the reveler

Returns with satiated belly
To his mahogany desk
Upper floor, Skyscraper
Any city