Silent Screams
By Anonymous, from Animal Rights Online

My silent screams pierced the
darkness last night
as the whole world slept.
Walking near a river, I was alone,
flying through the air, a fish hook
struck my hand.
It became embedded in the flesh
of my palm.
The fisherman across the river
couldn't hear my screams.
The jerking and pulling of his fishing line
caused my hand to jump and twist
in contorted motions.
Blood trickled from my wound.
I opened my mouth
to scream.
I plunged into the deep, cold water
last night
as the whole world slept.
The hook and line unmercifully
pulled me in.
I tried to breathe,
but couldn't.
I gasped.
I tried to scream.
Do the fish in the waters
feel this way?
I awoke in my bed
as the nightmare lingered in my head.
Maybe I should have proved to you
it really happened . . .in my dream . . .
I could have kept the tear soaked pillow . . .
I should have,
you don't hear their voices.
I hear the living sealife souls,
the ones who swim in deep,
dark waters,
Screaming in our seas, our rivers,
and our oceans.
Defenseless creatures harming no
one at all.
Man-KIND? Oh, I hardly think so.
Kind to whom?
I hear their silent screams.