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by Robyn L. Stacey

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In A Selfish World
1994 By Robyn L. Stacey -

Submitted by the poet 9 Sep 2001

Monsters of steel drive on by
Never hearing the helpless cry
Of a woodland creature left to die
On the roads of mankind.

Such is the squirrel that falls to the ground
Gone from this world without much of a sound.
Its lifeless body singed and browned
From a live wire the wind had downed.

We see their deaths along the streets;
There are so many who have met defeat.
In an urban world where only we compete,
An animal life has become obsolete.

And to our young it should be known
That on this Earth we are not alone.
The world before us is just on loan,
And is not for us to call our own.

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