Seven Animal Voices
by Ashley Faison
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Seven Animal Voices
by Ashley Faison

Lab animal:
I am a puppy that's being hurt you see
I am just a sweet little beagle pup who doesn't understand why
The people in the lab coats hurt me or why they make me cry
I never asked to be here; I wish I could go home I pray that when
They cause me pain that they would just leave me alone
I sit in my cage quietly, careful not bother anybody but still they hurt.
I think they find it fun. I try not to bite them
But I find it hard when they stick tubes down my throat
And force chemicals in my mouth that make my stomach hurt.
I really want my mommy to lick my tears away,
So I could finally be free of pain and my body
They will no longer harm.
But I know I will be tortured daily, and will always be alone,
So when you buy your wait loss products
remember its my suffering you condone.
Even though almost all test results are unclear so donít blame me if you die because it works for me and not for you

Circus animal:
I am a tiger weak and cold come watch me jump through the fire
Not cause I want to but because my master tells me to.
I do this stuff because I am afraid of the punishment I might behold,
If I donít do as Iím told
So when you come to the circus youíll see me doing things as strange as can be
Though some of you know Iím dying in vain you laugh while I call out in pain. The sign outside should really say come and watch a tiger die today

Fur Animal:
I am a grey wolf whoís coat you desire
So for that my life must expire but you canít wait till
I die of old age instead you torture me until I'm dead
In this cage I am barely fed. And I know that soon I will be dead.
I pace because of the lack of space,
And shiver from the cold that I'm exposed to.
My family has all been killed.
Guess what?  Itís my turn now to die.
They beat me up and heat me to skin me alive is what they do,
But its okay as long as you get your fur coat

Veal Animal:
How would you like it,
if right from birth,
all you experienced was slaughter and pain.
Torn away at just to days old
with four months to live.
Why must they go though so much pain,
barely fed, suffering day by day
in a cage to small for there body,
so their muscles donít develop,
and they'll be nice and tender.
And the slaughter is so gruesome
in which I canít explain,
but still it doesnít matter enjoy your veal dinner, ok

Hunted Animals:
You hunt us and you hurt are kind so you can have your trophy
and though it hurts it donít matter for it is a so called sport,
in which my blood must shed and so my species must decline
so you can have your heads and so I wonder
why itís ok for me to be killed day after day
but when I do it, I must be slain.

Abused Dog:
Friendships all I ask of you
but beat me up is what you do
see me whimper in my cage
make me fight and earn your wage
cry I might but you donít care
as long as itís not you down there.
I fight in the pit
it hurts me so
but if your bit itís ok.
I try to run you grab my leg
and you earn your profit
and gain from my pain
and though Iím not fed
and I hurt so much
I think deep inside
if someone would, I could learn to trust.

All Animals:
Though we may not be as smart as you
to hurt us is not what you should do
this planet belongs to us all the same
and hurt and pain on my species for yours to gain
is not right to be this way.
Animals are not yours to use
just because we trust easier than you
and weíll love you no matter what.
And so I say itís the animals respect
in which man should have to earn


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