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Song of the Dolphin
by Don Elroy
Submitted by the author - 14 Apr 2004
Riding on the waves so free friends
Leave me alone now
If you should stay with me my friends
I can't go home now
I am the dolphin
I have lived my life in peace
Is this how you repay me
With your nets and PCB's
I have befriended you
Led sailors to their homes
Never asking anything
But to be left alone
Yet you teach your children nothing
Of the way life used to be
Why can't you share this world with me
Yellowfin run and hide my friends
Boat is approaching
If you should stay, we'll die my friends
Do you need coaching
I have never had a reason now
To fear that thing called man
We have always worked together
Since the day that time began
Now you're teaching me a lesson
 That I never should have learned
How friendships seldom last
And the weak will get burned
Yet you've taught your children nothing
Of the way things used to be
Why can't you share this world with me
 (c)1987 Don Elroy, Living Canvas Music

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