Take a Look
by Rachel Hamill
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Take a Look
Rachel Hamill, age 12
Submitted by the author 20 Sep 2003

I took a look at our world and was shocked at what I saw.
I saw a world of pollution, hate and law.
Since the world we own and claim,
I thought peace and justice it would contain.
People just watch things happen, I thought how?
Will you do something now?

Schools have lessons of Science and Math,
But somehow missed the course of justice's path.

People take much more than they need,
They are constantly prompted by greed.
I thought to myself how?
Will you do something now?

We turn on each other,
And judge others by color.

We find it an honor to participate in war.
I thought whom but humans would ignore?
I thought how?
Will you do something now?

We kill animals for fun and sport,
And do other things of the sort.

We insanely continue vivisection,
And allow our children to practice dissection.
I thought how?
Will you do something now?

When the animals die, you sigh,
And continue to weep and cry.
You are helping to get there, though,
By ignoring the facts you know.

You choose not to make a stand
And you ignore the people that give you their hand.
I thought to myself how?
So I ask you, will you do something now?

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