Asleep In the Light
By Mark Edgemon


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Asleep In the Light
By Mark Edgemon

Born into darkness, a world, darker than the womb;
Infested with controlling spirits from this and other worlds;
That haunt our steps, from our first to our last;
Daily watching our decisions, our tolerance for Truth,
Our expected longings and wrongful desires;
Which decide for us, who we are and what we will forever be.
And we walk with our eyes tightly shut, for we do not want to involve ourselves
In the wars, the conflicts, the battles, between space and time.
We do not want to invest ourselves, except in our own fulfillment.
It is our lust that drives us; our self will; our self determination; our desire
To exist on our own terms, in our own way, until our expiration date has lapsed;
Never understanding, that we are not truly alive, until we are planted; firmly; committed!

The End

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