Born Again...To Die Another Day! 
By Mark Edgemon


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Born Again...To Die Another Day!
By Mark Edgemon

With every acceptance of truth, I die to sin!
With every grievous death, I'm born again!
Death is an experience best shared; so is life!
I will die many deaths throughout this corporal existence.
Without the hope of starting over, there is no redemption!
Only never ending sin with personal torment and endless pain!
There should be no footprints where I walk.
For I trust that I will be carried.
I do not know the way
And haven't the strength to travel the distance, if I did!
I have hope in His promises.
I believe in His faith in me, even when my faith in Him wanes.
How could I live without my Creator,
Recreating me, every step of the way!

The End

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