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A rescue story in urban New Jersey
Submitted by Janice Fredericks - God's Creatures Ministry

God's object lesson (before the homily) on The Relationship Between Worship and The Treatment of Animals.

I was never in this large urban Church before and was waiting for Mass (Church) to begin.  As I was kneeling praying/waiting, I noticed a bird hopping across the front of the altar.  Mass was going to begin at any second/minute.  

How could I worship God knowing that right in front of us was one of His creatures in distress?  I got out of my pew and went up to the altar. I don't know if I followed the bird or the bird followed me into the sacristy where I asked if someone could open a window for this bird.  The response was negative.  

I decided to pull the rope and open a window high near the ceiling into a horizontal platform.  Immediately the bird flew up on it, chirped and was met by another bird. After greeting each other, they both flew away and I was ready to worship the God who created them and Whose eye was on this little bird all along.

I'm reminded of Psalm 150:6 "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Alleluia."

Jesus really came to set the captives free -- through us.

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