Fawn and Rabbit: Innocence Conquers All

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Fawn and Rabbit: Innocence Conquers All

Photos by Tanja Askani [email protected]

Two of the world's most renowned shy and timid creatures have found each other in safe companionship..... through the lens of Tanja Askani of Nindorf,
Germany.  (Fawn and Rabbit - 01)

This photo story was submitted to us by Susan Clay in the hope that we humans would learn to live in the innocent peace of this fawn and rabbit, Fienchen and Thumber.

(Fawn and Rabbit - 02)

(Fawn and Rabbit - 03)

(Fawn and Rabbit - 04)

(Fawn and Rabbit - 05)

(Fawn and Rabbit - 06)

(Fawn and Rabbit - 07)

(Fawn and Rabbit - 08)

(Fawn and Rabbit - 09)

(Fawn and Rabbit - 10)

We graciously thank Tanja Askani for her sensitivity in taking these photos, for they are another example to the human race that we can have peace on earth, if we learn to stop our warring madness against our fellow humans, the other animals, and the environment in which we all live.  (Fawn and Rabbit - 11)

Tanja Askani's web site is: http://www.Tanja-Askani.de.  Unfortunately it is only in German. 
She can also be contacted through: http://natur.fishing4.de

Tanja is so glad that she finished her first and brand-new little children's book, A Friend Like You. Fienchen and Thumber (the fawn and the wild rabbit) are also part of this little book. 

It is available at a discount from Amazon.Com.