Lakshmi Gives Birth
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May 2012

India VSPCA Weintraub

Lakshmi has given birth to this beautiful calf!

And...her milk will only be for her own baby!


Lakshmi was left under the Madhurawada bridge with severe bruises to her body and injury to her front leg without anybodyís notice. However one kind-hearted person out of thousands reported the situation to us and we immediately bought her to our shelter.

Upon examination our vets confirmed it was a fracture of metatarsal bone of forelimb at its distal extremity and the fractured bony fragment was protruding with an open wound also.

India VSPCA Weintraub

Unlike for dogs we donít have an opportunity for fracture repair in large animals. So our vets applied splints with bamboo sticks after padding with cotton. They dressed the wound on alternate days nearly for four months. Lakshmi was very cooperative as she has allowed us to treat her even without any restraining.

She simply stood on her three legs without any movement even upon severe manipulations while dressing and application of splints. It was very difficult to her at the time of getting up and lying down but we assisted her to our best ability. We have not provided any immobilization except for application of splints. She herself made calm and quiet without disturbing the affected limb. She struggled a lot like that for nearly five months.

Our efforts didnít go in vain. Finally she has recovered completely, moving on all four limbs. 

And now she has given birth!

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