A Tiny Death - Readers Comments

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A Tiny Death - Readers Comments
Comments by Lynn McAtee - 3 Jan 2011

In Reference to: A Tiny Death

Concerning the story of the death of a small creature, the struggle of the last day made my heart ache as I remembered the last day of the people on the aircraft I was on and was wondering as we neared the end, if it would be my end as well? But no, I was spared, but have spent many long hours of my life contemplating the end of many that day who had no idea that it was their last day.

However, the last day, at least for human persons is not really an end, but rather a beginning of a new life with the Creator. But, I often still contemplate about the small creatures of the Lord's creation, whether or not they too have a part in the vastness of Eternity? I think, in some way, they do.

Lynn McAtee