A Tiny Death - Readers Comments

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A Tiny Death - Readers Comments
Comments by Maynard S. Clark - 19 Feb 2002

In Reference to: A Tiny Death

Yes, Roger, it's always awed me how the deaths of so many animals - humans, too - can be so alone, sometimes under painful circumstances.

Many of us would think of the 9/11 crushing collapse of the fiery WTC towers. I think of the hikers, skiers, late-night boaters and swimmers, and other adventurers lost in the cold who lose their way, freeze, and lose time in bewilderment.

Think, too, of the homeless on the streets, huddled in the corners, the guy just outside the front door who asks for spare change, having no other "gig", who may die someday in the process of eking out a meager subsistence.

For some their deaths are hastened by diminished capacities. For others, circumstances overwhelmed them. Often it's both.

Your word crafting is quite apt, Roger.

On a more joyous note regarding funerals, I think of the late George Bernard Shaw, who wrote that his funeral cortege would be followed by thousands of animals rejoicing that he hadn't eaten any of them, the animals whose lives he had saved as a vegetarian.