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Grandma FahMui has left us

From Saengduean Lek Chailert
Facebook posting, January 19, 2024

FahMui worked for 45 years in the logging industry and was then required to provide a riding service for tourists visiting the camp before being brought to Elephant Nature Park in 2018, providing her with a new life.

Elephant Fah Mui
FahMui (ฟ้ามุ่ย)

FahMui has left us. Grandma Fa Mui, who was rescued from the southern region of Thailand, worked tirelessly throughout her life. In 2018, we brought her to Elephant Nature Park, providing her with a new life.

Like many elderly elephants, Fah Mui faced challenges such as tooth loss and digestive issues. Yet, with the nutritious meals from our Elephant's kitchen, she gained weight, improved her health, and even developed more beautiful skin.

Upon arriving at our sanctuary, Fah Mui formed a lasting friendship with Kanjana, a younger elephant. Due to her age, Fah Mui received constant care from a veterinarian, and her joy at ENP was amplified by the companionship of friends like Kanjana. Together, they shared mud baths, swims, and heartfelt conversations, demonstrating their love and concern for each other.

In the final moments before her eternal sleep, Fah Mui displayed no signs of departure. She continued to engage in normal activities, enjoying the company of her friends. Ultimately, she peacefully passed away in her sand bed, with Kanjana standing by her side.

During her six years with us, Fah Mui experienced freedom, love, and happiness, surrounded by those who cared for her. In her memory, we say, rest in peace Fah Mui - leave behind the painful past for a world of tranquility. We are grateful for the opportunity to have shared love and care with you. You will always hold a special place in our hearts.

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