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Wildlife Services and the Bloomsburg Town Council Scrapped Their Goose-killing Contracts for 2022 and 2023

From IDA In Defense of Animals
July 2022

We now have time to form a non-lethal and kind plan for coexistence with the geese.

Canadian geese family
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We are absolutely delighted to share some wonderful news with you! Just when it seemed like all hope had been lost, I learned that the wild Canada geese in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, who were slated to be cruelly gassed to death, will now be spared!

Thanks to our supporters' emails, calls, and posts on social media, the USDA’s Wildlife Services and the Bloomsburg Town Council scrapped their goose-killing contract for 2022 and 2023.

It was absolutely amazing, and perhaps even unprecedented! In a surprise maneuver, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) actually pulled out of the deal! The agency removed the roundup option in its contract with the Bloomsburg Town Council for 2022, which had yet to be signed.

It gets even better! A USDA representative stated in an email to the Bloomsburg Town Council, “After speaking with my direct supervisor, state director, and staff with our legislative and public affairs office, Wildlife Services has decided that it is in everyone’s best interest to postpone conducting a roundup in Bloomsburg town park until June 2023.”

Does this mean that once placed under intense scrutiny for gassing wild animals to death, the USDA would rather melt back into the background? It would certainly seem to be the case!

Now the goose-killing contract is effectively scrapped! And better yet, at the following council meeting, the Bloomsburg Councilmembers unanimously voted not to kill the geese in 2023 either. We now have time to form a non-lethal and kind plan for coexistence with the geese.

We’re so grateful for the activists hard at work on the ground and our supporters all around the world who joined in.

Because of you the goslings in the lagoon now will grow up into beautiful geese and accompany their parents in flight.

Because you spoke up, the Bloomsburg Town Council unanimously voted not to kill the geese. Councilmembers claimed they were convinced to change course because of more than 14,000 emails they received from In Defense of Animals’ supporters like you!

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