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The Murder of Freya

From Paul Watson
Facebook posting August 14, 2022

A walrus affectionately known as Freya ó who became something of a local hero in Norway and an online celebrity this summer ó was euthanized by wildlife authorities after their warnings that people should keep their distance were not heeded... 

Walrus Freya

Freya made the mistake of trusting humanity,
She had no idea of our collective insanity,
Here was a creature of curiosity
Playful and devoid of animosity.
Loved in Scotland and in Norway
She came to frolic and to play.
She came to share the mysteries of the sea
A beautiful spirit both kind and free.
How could she have anticipated hate,
Or imagined her impending fate,
She trusted us, she showed no fear.
But bureaucrats wanted her to disappear.
Canít have children seeing joy in a Walrusís eye,
Canít have them seeing whaling and sealing and asking why?
Protecting children from natureís truth,
To stop kindness and respect from corrupting their youth.
Freya was murdered for seeking harmony
By civil servants with a vested interest in disharmony.
Government men at war with ecology,
Enslaved to the idea of anthropocentric theology.
They seek to keep creatures like Freya out of sight,
Motivated by profit, vested interests, and spite.
Itís all about power, mythology and control,
Denying that other species have a heart and soul.

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